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SVX Safe Area Energized to Close (CE228)

SVX Safe Area Energized to Close (CE228)


These 12 and 24 vdc diesel engine air intake shut down valves are designed for mechanical latching in the open (engine run) position and manual and/or solenoid actuated closure. Based on the standard slimfit Chalwyn 3”, 5” and 8” butterfly valves, this product is particularly suited to fire pump and similar applications. It is available in basic flange mounted form or fitted with hose adaptors. Versions with internal microswitches are available to enable valve status indication. The valve bodies and discs are manufactured in corrosion resistant hard anodized aluminum. The spindle and mechanism is made from stainless steel.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple manual reset to latch open
  • Two-wire solenoid connection
  • Internal microswitch option for valve status monitor
  • Combination of body sizes and hose adaptors to suit air intake diameters from 38mm (1 1/2") to 203mm (8")