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 Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manuals

Title Code/File Name
SVR-2XX Compact Butterfly Valves  DS-Chalwyn-SVR-2XX-0916-Rev2
SVR-3XX Compact Butterfly Valves  DS-Chalwyn-SVR-3XX-1016-Rev1
XT Butterfly Valves Chalwyn XT Butterfly Valve 0120 rev12
Chalwyn Valve – Type D45, D51, D57, D64, D70, D80 CE204
Chalwyn Valve – Type D92, D102, D121, D136 CE205
Chalwyn Valve – Type D45F, D51F, D57F, D64F CE206
Chalwyn Valve – Type D45-AM, D51-AM, D57-AM, D64-AM,
D70-AM, D80-AM
Chalwyn Valves – TMZ-121 to TMZ-302 CE208
Chalwyn Mini Range Valves - D29, D30, D41, D34BF, D35BF, D39BF, D29-AM, D30-AM, D34BF-AM, D35BF-AM, D39BF-AM CE209
Chalwyn Valves – D92-AM, D102-AM, D121-AM, D136-AM CE210
ASX Flameproof Alternators DS-ASX-200-201-300-301-310-405-406-Flameproof-Alternators (formerly CE211)
SSX 102 and SSX 202 Flameproof Solenoids CE212
MVX-300, MVX-500 and MVX-800 CE215
MVX-301/501/801, MVX-302/502/802, and MVX-303/503/803 CE217
PVX-300/301, PVX-500/501 and PVX-800/801 Datasheet PVX diesel engine shutdown valve (CE218)
Yanmar L40AE / L48AE / L60AE and L70AE Breather System CE220
Spark Arrestors SSL, SSE and SAS CE224
Yanmar L90AE / L100AE Breather System CE225
Fuel Shutdown Valve – Type FSX-200 CE226
SVX-380/381/390/391, SVX-580/581/590/591 and SVX-880 /881/890/891 CE228
HVX Series Diesel Engine Shutdown Valves CE229
SVX-340/341/350/351 AND SVX-540/541/550/551 CE230
D200, D200-AM, D200-AP, D200-AMP and D200-AMZ Spindle Valves CE231
ASX-310 Self Exciting Flame proof Alternator (Group IIB) DS-ASX-200-201-300-301-310-405-406-Flameproof-Alternators (formerly CE211)
Series 110/111 Automatic Diesel Engine Shut Down System CE233
Series 210 Automatic Diesel Engine Shut Down System CE234
Series 300/310 Automatic Diesel Engine Shut Down System Datasheet CSX 300 Series (CE235)
MPX-300/500/800, MPX-301/501/801, MPX-302/502/802, and MPX-303/503/803 CE236
TPZ Shut down Valves (Bendix Sizes) CE237
D-AP and D-AMP Spindle Valves (Except D200 Types) CE238
SVX-320, SVX-330, SVX-520, SVX-530, SVX-820, SVX-830 CE239
SVX-300 to SVX-303, SVX-305 to SVX-308, SVX-500 to SVX-503, SVX-505 to SVX-508, SVX-800 to SVX-803, SVX-805 to SVX-808 CE240
ASX-400 High Output ‘Exd’ Alternator (Group IIB) CE242
Z Series Intake Shut Down Valves – Spindle Types CE243
Chalwyn Valve (Deutz) - Types D45-F3L & D51-F4L CE246
MVX-Series Diesel Engine Air Shut Down Valves CE248
RevGuard 2 Speed Switch
Solenoid Valve for Engine Shutdown Systems Datasheet SVA200 Solenoid Valve
PVA Diesel Engine Shutdown Valve (Pneumatically Actuated)  DS-PVA-Shutdown-Valve-0912-rev1
TSX-135, TSX-150 and TSX-200 CE304
PSX-010 CE305
TSX-100 CE306
GYP Charging Valves CE307